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Perl Scripting

 1. Introduction

a)    Perl History

b)    Environment Setup

c)     Running Perl Scripts

d)   Data Types


2.  Data Types(Scalars)

a)    Numbers and Strings

b)   Variables

c)     Interpolation


3.    Arrays

a)    Variables

b)   Creation, Assignment and Access

c)     Built-in Array Functions


4.  Control Structures

a)    Conditional Statements

b)   Logical Operators

c)     Loops

d)   Pattern Matching


5. Hashes

a)    Variables

b)   Built-in Hash Functions

c)     Hashes used as Arrays


6. File System

a)    File Handling

b)   Directory Processing

c)     Error Handling


7. References & Subroutines (Object Oriented Programming)

a)    Subroutine Invocation

b)   Calling Subroutines

c)     Returning values from Subroutines

d)   Referencing to all Data Types.


Advanced Perl


8. Database Access

a)    DBI/DBM Modules


9. CGI/ Web Modules 


10. Mini Project



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